The death angel

After dreaming last night it got me to thinking as those type of dreams often do, about the death angel, then I got to looking at pictures of what people suppose he/she/it looks like and it hit me, the pictures have feeling in them, death has no feeling. He/she/it is neither good nor bad, he/she/it just IS. For the purposes of this blog we will say it when refering to the death angel.

It is not romantic, it is not a protector, it shows no sympathy with the target, it has one job to do and it does it very well. It takes souls on their way to their final destinations. It does not care from the highest in the land to the lowest in the land, it takes them all equal with no feeling about it whatsoever. If you were ever to ask it why it does it, does it even care about or spare a thought for the one's it goes after and I am positive it would reply "No, it is my job and I do it. I do not care one way or the other, I have a job to do". It would probably just give you a neutral look with no expression at all and say nothing. 

Death is neutral, as much as we would love to associate feelings with it, either good or bad, it is neutral and cares not who you are or what you did in life. Death is not cold and calculating as we would love to beleive. When your time comes, it will come for you and take you just as passively as it has kings and presidents and world leaders. It is the one's left behind that associate feelings with death. As much as we would love to hate death, it is just doing it's  job. Nothing more.

We as humans would love to hate death; but there is no reason for it, it has just come and did it's job, it took a soul nothing more. it does not care if it was your mother it just took, or your father, son, daughter, grandchild, husband, wife, grandparents, lover. All the pictures I found of death, and even the one I was going to draw myself, associated FEELINGS with death when there is none.  So I decided not to draw it and just write instead. 

Death is not the enemy, he is not a friend, neither friend nor foe. DEATH........JUST.......IS...........


Look my beloved, I am slowly locking the door......

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