Halloween reading

Posted by Toni Chaudoin on

I am using this blog post to let you know about a one day only halloween read. It involves you, and one representative from your spirit family. This member must agree to represent all races in your family. That way everybody has a chance to participate and when it's over, if you wish, if they have messages for you. I'll let you know. that is completely up to you. But this is a one day only halloween read. Please respond to this blog if you wish to have it done. I offer things like this from time to time and will do it this way if it works, that way I can keep up with who all signs up and who is the representative for each family. 


Plus on the left hand side of your screen is a drawing, you must be entered to win. 


  • I’m guessing that I lost out when the thread was removed over at CH since I didn’t know this had been moved here until Halloween night. :/ Obviously, my luck hasn’t improved any.

    Ashira on

  • our sale on CH , Im Ayse, I would like a reading with my blue dragon G, if its not too late. thank you!

    Hi Im Ayse on

  • Hey, this is Ashira from over at CH. I had signed up for this there when it was first posted and only just found that it had been removed. If it’s not too late, I’d still like to be included and I’d like one of my demons representing. Thanks so much!

    Ashira on

  • I was signed up on ch for this, if it’s not too late, can i please be included? Thanks!! Dragon and djinn were the spirits i chose.

    Fearlesswolf on

  • Hi! My name is Ryan and my representative will be my Spriggan spirit. Looking forward to knowing what they have to say :)

    Ryan on

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