Any information that is required for spellwork or other items please send to my email

Halloween read emails

Hello there all, could you please post your emails here? I really don't want to post what is said on CH or here so if you could post your emails that would be fantastic. After I am finished, this particular blog will be erased.oh could you put the name you signed up with so I will not get confused please>?


  • Same here. Email was gone aswell. Email is . Hope u did the reading since blog post was removed :s

  • Hi Toni,
    My earlier blog comment is gone(???)
    So I will write again here for the reading results.
    You have my email in the section above and also you know me from the powerful spirits you brought through for my son to stop the bullying.

    Kev F
  • My email:

  • Jennifer Griggs was the name I put on the blog. Email is Thanks :D

    Jennifer Griggs
  • My email is

    Thank you again!


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