Third Eye Challenge

Third Eye Challenge

Ok, here is the promised blog. Now this won't be a quick fix but i promise you if you follow the instructions, your third eye WILL open.

A lot of people are saying their eye is blocked, but you'd be amazed at how many people are not actually blocked but just don't know how to work their third eye. They don't know how to make their third eye pop, nothing more. I want you to do me a favor, close your eyes, look up at your third eye and demand it open and look at you.

Does it open slowly, fast, sluggish or does it not open at all? every night once a night just before you go to bed, massage the area of your third eye in a counterclockwise pattern. on the 7th night, look up at your third eye, demand it open and look at you see what happens. Don't press hard though because you are going to feel the massage and it will hurt just like pressing on your two actual eyes too hard.

 once we get it open to look at you let's practice something else. this could take less than a week or months' depending on how unused your third eye is. Go somewhere you have never been before, like a forest or something. Close your eyes and demand your third eye look at you. when it opens and looks at you, demand it look around wherever you are and show you the information.

It may be disorienting at first you may get inverted colors, or nothing may happen at all, but keep at it, keep massaging your third eye once a week. demand it look at you every night, perhaps laying in bed, demand it look around and show you something your regular eyes have never noticed before.

 It may take time, or you may get it all at once but it will happen, this simple practice has worked so many times before. Don't get discouraged, it will happen, and if you have questions you can put them here and I will answer them for you. 

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How can I reach u


How long should we do the nightly massage?


ok i will contact you, hope to recieve a reply :)


FenOl, perhaps i can create a spell for you so that it will stop, because as long as you have fear your higher self will not allow you to open because it calls itself protecting you from harm.

Kindred, contact me please I need more information before I can answer this one


Thanks for these great suggestions


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