Additional Q and A about blood magick and more

You currently live in Tunisia?  How fast can you ship to me and do you have options for expedited shipping or using DHL or FedEx?

Hello, I use expedited shipping, that's the only way they will allow me to track it from my door to yours, expedited shipping uses either DHL or FedEx. 

2- Blood Magick: You send a vessel or something and we have to fill it with our blood, correct? How much of a blood is it? And in one listing you mentioned menstrual blood -- does this apply to all blood magick listings you have?

You will need three drops of blood for each blood magick you purchase, all you need is three, you don't have to fill it.  Menstrual blood is more powerful yes but as men don't menstruate, that is impossible with them. lol so you can use any blood as long as it's yours. 

3- Customized Blood Magick:
What can I request exactly? Are things like fame, popularity, public speaking skill, charisma, sense of humor, mental prowess, creativity, fearlessness, adventurous, authoritative possible? 
And does each blood magick have consequences?? Say I ask for self confidence, self love and high self esteem -- will this make me arrogant, selfish and cocky by each passing year? If I ask for determination, ambition and always achieving, will this make me restless and never care for myself? If I ask for logic, organization, and how to deal with things in a not overly emotional way - will this erase my emotional side completely?

You can request anything you like as long as it's within reason, IE you can't expect to win the lottery and never leave the house to buy a ticket. And no, I word it so it won't backfire, but blood magick never leaves you. It will be with you till you die. 

4- Lust potion spell:
"It is designed to evoke lust in whomever you aim it at" -- does the spell work on everyone we encounter or just whomever we aim at? And how do we "aim" it at someone in particular? 

During Meditation, you concentrate on whomever you wish it to aim at, it's designed to be aimed cus i used it on my husband first lol. you concentrate on whomever you are aiming at, and picture during meditation, what you want happening. The spell does the rest. 

5- Influence and seduction:
"But you will gain influence over others and be able to seduce as good as any incubus or succubus out there" -- does this seduction comes with the weakness of a succubus like the "Succubus in your blood" listing?

LOL no because this one is not using your blood and it is not going to live in your blood either. 

6- Since you can do a Succubus blood magick; can you do other entities blood magick? Like a faun or an Empusa or a satyr? 

I can do any entity blood magick, the trick is though, since it calls on your blood line, did you have those entities somewhere in your bloodline? Because it's going to call those powers back to you. 

7- Blood magick: True beauty:
Could you please elaborate more on how it does change DNA? What will it change? Or the change is just mental and is about how I perceive myself?
Is it like glamour magick??

LOL NO it's not glamour magick, this is designed to bring whatever is on the inside to the outside, you ever heard of the old saying she's pretty on the inside, as well as the out? This is going to bring whatever is on the inside and make it shine on the outside, so your beauty, IE: soul, personality, ect... will shine on the outside, and it will change you and the way people see you, you will become beautiful. There is danger here though, because it is bringing what is on the inside out, so if you are cruel, mean, nasty, arrogant ect... it will show and that will be your beauty. If you have a hateful heart, all of it will show. 

8- How fast does the result show for blood magick? 
What happens to the vessel: should we hide it, keep it, discard it? What will happen if someone saw it?
And could it not work on certain people i.e. relatives and friends? It would be embarrassing to seduce relatives!! 

I use the rule of three, three days, three weeks, three months, then i recast once for free. and you should put it up so it can't be played with. and yes, seducing relatives is not a good idea hahaha 

9- Does blood magick necessary comes with a twist? 

Not necessarily no, but it does stay with you for life. 

10- Regarding Tarot Readings:
How many questions are we entitled to? For example: the V tarot read; how many questions can we ask about The One? Or you'll channel whatever answer you receive? 
If I want to know more, can I buy it multiple times?
Can I request a customized Tarot Reading from? 
Can I custom order a psychic reading from you?

I channel whatever answer I receive but you are welcome to ask 3 questions, no problems. You can purchase as many times as you like yes. And yes you can request a customized tarot, depending on what it is and how complicated depends on the price, but usually tarots are not expensive unless you walk into the BA realm. 
 Yes, you may order a custom Psychic reading as well, even a channeling of your spirit, IF they are willing as most won't talk to a conjurer they have never seen before, 

Last two questions:
-How do we use the powder you offer? 

Depends on the powder, Some is sprinkled on you, some on cards, some around doorframes ect....

- Can I custom order DA and WA spells?

Yes you can, no problems 

Can it be bind to a vessel that I have at home?

Yes Blood magick does not have to be bound to a vessel and mailed any longer, I have taken care of that

Plus, can I use one vessel for several blood magicks?

Yes, you may use as many vessels as you like, it just might be hard on you to activate them all at the same time.

1. For the blood magick, in order to get results, do we have to have said entity in our blood/family line? I know for the werewolf/vampire one, it said it would just give you generic traits but for the others will it do the same?

Yes, if I search and can't find anything at all, there is a generic pool I can pull from that will give you abilities that all share.

2. What is your recommendation for obtaining the blood? I know from other practitioners that the recommended way is to use a diabetic lancet and to have run ones hands under warm soapy water.

I use my pregnancy diabetic kit, as i had diabetes while prego and collect unless it's that time of the month, then it's a different story. If you are female, I recommend waiting, for males yes, wash your hands before collecting any type of blood, however, you just need to prick your finger and use three drops

3. Is it dangerous to purchase more than 1 or 2? Could it be overwhelming?

It depends on what you purchase, I would not recommend buying Demon in your blood and Vampire in your blood along with werewolf in your blood and doing them at the same time no.

DO NOT under any circumstance send blood by mail. Prick your finger in the privacy of your own home and bleed there. LOL 

Regarding menstrual blood, is it alright to use blood that has been stored in the freezer or must it be fresh?

If you can make it like it was before, then yes, otherwise fresh is best. 

1. Once the vessel has been bled on.....if we do another bleed later on, does it enhance the power/bond of the spell or is that not necessary?

Yes, if you feel that the affects of the spell is waning or you want to enhance it you may bleed on it as many times as you wish.

2. Once we have bled on the vessel.....we can at any time thereafter hold the vessel and think of the desire/target and that is enough? (as the blood is already on it?)

Yes, at any time you feel the need to reconnect, just hold the vessel and concentrate on the desired affect, or if you are the vessel, meditate and concentrate on the desired affect

The point being....that if the focus of the intention was not strong enough at the moment of the initial bleed, we can come back later, several times maybe, and focus/imagine intently what we wish to be brought about from the blood spell while just holding the vessel with the original blood stain on it?

Yes, if you wish to refresh the spell after three months, then bleed again and it is designed to refresh. 

I saw u have a new blood magic spell namely death of a sale and another one multiplication tables which is supposed to increase the power of the blood magic spell every 3 month. Im a little confused here since i thought the power and energy of blood spell is suppose to keep increasing infinitely. So why these 2 spells?

 it does, but somebody challenged me to create something even more powerful that will do more than just blood spells so I did

Hmmm won't this spell create problems after sometime like the powers of these spell hv increased so much and the physical cant hold it anymore.
no, because it stops when it can't increase without destroying
it has an intelligence in it
I forgot to put that in there too

This One after hving increased to the max it stops. Now since the spell had already been brought to max and the blood magic by default will keep increasing infinitely. wont this create problem.

no because i created the blood magick, and it won't increase that month past your limit, it will increase your limit then increase itself. does that make sense. BUT these questions will go on my website if you don't mind for others as well. BUT somebody else's magick I dont know how they created it so this one won't increase your limit. it will just maintain at system overload for their spells

One last question. After bound will be work on past and future spells

it will work on future and past spells babe yes

see why it costs so much and it takes a month to complete