entities that become solid to have sex Q & A

Now to answer these questions 

Can he be Seen when he becomes solid? Even to a Non Spiritual person with a faulty 3rd eye ( thats me)? I mean Can he 100% be Seen by anybody? Am asking this coz i have Multiple spirits and Entities where Sellers Claim they are sexual but there is nothing so far..

he, as he has sex with you, will be seen by you, faint maybe except during orgasm and no he will not show himself to anyone else, can you imagine if someone walked in? he will not stop using you and they would be frozen on the spot very aware and watching

Lol i will call only when am alone and behind closed doors;).. But he wont come to me in publik and when i dont call would he?

He can be discrete in his manners and not come in public, he may feel on you in public however, depending on his mood so keep this in mind. again if you don't call on him, he may feel on you and make your sex drive increase to where you will call. if you wait too long he will come to you no matter what. 

And is he a Spirit or an Entity?

They are very much alive 

Out of curiousity, 
Whats the reason they dont want to distance bind to spirit?

They don't want that deep of a commitment, they are here for sex only. nothing more

uhm, if they cum does it stay solid too or disappear when they're done? can human get pregnant by these entities?? just thinking if the hybrids in IYB readings can be born nowadays

It stays but they know when you are fertile so they usually try their brand of protection and that is to shoot blanks, otherwise they are extremely fertile. 

IF one of these entties falls in love with you, he will NO LONGER shoot blanks AT ALL