Q: How long do you keep the Warning label demons and others before you decide they are safe for humans?

A: For a year, they do not leave my sight for a year, while here i test them to the limits to see how they react to different situations, if they are too dangerous i send them back, if they are borderline or still too dangerous for the BA category, they come with a warning label before you see them. 

Q; What if something goes wrong with these dangerous entities?

A: There are ways to subdue them and bring them back in line and if that don't work, they can and will be released and sent back into the abyss

Q: Why would you sell something so dangerous in the first place?

A: There is a niche market for their speciality. I know i can get them and be sure they won't do damage to their companion, whereas others might not be able to guarantee it, nor stick by the customer if/when things go wrong.