Questions and answers

How long have you been selling online?

I have been selling online for a little over 3 years now on different venue's. Ebay, etsy, CH and my own store. 

Where can I read reviews of your work?

You may read my reviews here

What training have you had to offer work to the public?

I have worked extensively with Conjurers in New orleans, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Florida and Arkansas. I have over 60+ years of experience to call on and myself have been conjuring for myself and others for well over 20 years. 

Where/how did you learn to conjure?

Please see the above answer 

How long have you been conjuring?

Please see the above answer 

How long have you been conjuring on a regular basis (at least monthly)?

Well over 20 years at least 3 times a week, These spirits are kept with me for at least 4 months to make sure they are safe, if they are dangerous but listing wise they are calling out, that is stated in the listing. 

How long have you been conjuring this particular species/type of entity?

Well over 20 years experience. 

How do you connect with the entities or spirits that you conjure?

I have the ability to see, hear, feel, touch, and talk to any spirit. I have had this ability since I was born with a veil over my face. 

How did you verify the identity and nature of the beings you conjure?

Please see the above answer 

Are you able to see and communicate with those you conjure?

Yes, please see the above answer 

What's the difference, in your mind, between a living entity and a spirit?

A living entity is one that has flesh and blood either on this plane of existence or on the astral or other realms, they are alive and well and some have families of their own in their worlds. A spirit is one that has passed the living stage and no longer has a body. 

In your mind, what is the difference between an attachment and a binding?

An attachment is when a spirit or entity takes a liking to a particular piece and decides to take up residence there or it was their piece while alive so they have come back and attached themselves to the piece by sentiment ect..., a binding is an actual contractual ritual where you deliberately take and entity or spirit and attach it to something as long as they are completely willing. ie jewelry

What kind of contract/negotiation is used to ensure the safety of the buyer?

I put in my conjuring words and written contracts where no entity or spirit can come through that is harmful to the buyer. It adds a few days to the conjuration but that is worth it. They also have to pass through a "Getting to know you phase" If they fail, IE: They display any habits that harm, they are sent back unless it is for a specific buyer and they have requested this action

What are your binding contract specifications?

They have to be willing to work with humans. They can't harm or cause to do harm. Unless it is specifically required by the buyer. Some of my spirits do cause harm but they are BA and for revenge ect.. and not just any buyer can get them. 

How do you verify the contract agreements prior to binding?

Blood binding if it's mine. Contractual rituals if it's for selling. I have several steps in place to ensure the safety of the buyers and the contract is being met. 

Do you have a system in place to protect and defend your conjures - if so, what system?

Yes, I'll simplify it. Only I can unbind, only the buyer can see the spirit, this saves a lot of questions. My entities have the ability to defend themselves against attack, I take nothing from them in the binding so they can. There are specific magickal rituals that I follow to ensure their safety as well. 

Under what circumstances will a being be released from its binding?

Death of the companion. Mutual consent of both parties involved.

What problems have you had in the past with your conjures, and how have those problems been addressed?

So far, I have not had problems that were brought to my attention with any of my entities or spirits. Hopefully this trend will continue. 

How do you resolve problems with conjures after adoption if something goes wrong?

I work with the buyer to see what is happening, and then a system of help is put in place depending on the needs. This is a varied and wide question.

What kind of buyer support do you offer after the sale?

I will help connect for up to a month after the buyer has the spirit in hand. I help smooth over any problems that may arise and my customers may contact me at any time no matter when the purchased. 

What is your refund policy?

There is no specific refund policy in place but I will work with a buyer to resolve any problems that may arise

Do you allow spirits/entities conjured by you to be transferred/resold?

Of course, things happen, spirits/entities are no longer satisfied with the companion, the companion no longer has need of their services, their contract and need has been fulfilled and they are needed elsewhere ect... 

How do you determine if your spirit/entity suitable for a buyer at their level of experience? What is your adoption policy?

I ask the spirit, as I can see and hear, this is not a problem. I will also question the buyer to see what their level of experience is if it's a darker than normal spirit. If either does not seem suitable, no purchase can be made. I will recommend something else at their level of experience so we are both comfortable