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a Past life

a Past life

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Suddenly, the skeletal creature starts shuffling toward you like a decrepit, decaying old man. As he gets closer you can see that he had a dislocated jaw showing his torn tongue and blood-stained, razor sharp, savage teeth. Unexpectedly, a flame of anger seemed to ignite within him. He lets out a  piercing screech and charges toward you. 

You start to sweat, tremble, your heart beating faster. walking becomes running in an attempt to find a way out, your eyes searching to where the white became darkness. all you want to do is give up, cry for someone to save you . And there he steps out of the darkness into the marvelous light. You try to scream but looking into his eyes, the darkness takes all the fight out of you.

He whispers of lust, and passion and you fall so completely into the darkness you forget that you once were a child of the light. The last thing you remember is his whispering to you of coming home, as his teeth sink into your waiting flesh......

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