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Agrat bat Mahlat *Portal*

Agrat bat Mahlat *Portal*

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She is only going to work with 3 people so you better get in while the getting is good, you will never find it as good as she is again.

In Zoharistic Kabbalah, she is a queen of the demons and an angel of sacred prostitution, who mates with archangel Samael along with Lilith and Naamah, sometimes adding Eisheth as a fourth mate. According to legend, Agrat and Lilith visited King Solomon disguised as prostitutes. Agrat Bat Mahlat (אגרת בת מחלת), is a demon and succubus in Jewish mythology. This nocturnal demon travels with Lilith, Mahalath, and Naamah and commands Adad, the king of Edom, and Ashmodai. A story of her tells that she visited King David in a dream, conceived a son by him, and named the cambion offspring Adad.

 In Zoharistic Kabbalah, she is a queen of demons and one of four jinns of sacred prostitution. Her fellow succubi are Lilith, Naamah, and Mahalat. In the Rabbinic literature of Yalḳuṭ Ḥadash, on the eves of Wednesday and of the Sabbath, she is "the dancing roof-demon" who haunts the air with her chariot and her train of eighteen myriads of messengers of destruction. She dances while Lilith howls. She is also "the mistress of the sorceresses" who communicated magic secrets to Amemar, a Jewish sage.

Now that you know her background well, and what some know of her let me tell you what I know of her personally. She is a seductress unequaled by anyone. She could seduce the very stars from the sky and she does not care if you are male or female. She is powerful and just having her around will bring the sexes running to you in droves. She is used to luxury and will help you obtain that as well but she will send your libido through the roof. Just having her around will affect your sex life beyond your wildest dreams. 

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