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An Interview

An Interview

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Interview with a Darker Vampire: Lord Nightshade

Interviewer (I): Good evening, Lord Nightshade. Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Lord Nightshade (AN): Good evening. The pleasure is mine.

I: You're known as a darker vampire among your kind. Can you tell us a bit about your nature and the path you've chosen?

AN: Indeed, I embrace the darker aspects of our existence. While some of my brethren may seek to coexist with mortals or maintain a façade of nobility, I find no allure in such pretenses. We are creatures of the night, born from darkness and thirsting for the essence of life. I do not shy away from what I am.

I: Your demeanor exudes a sense of intensity and mystery. How do you cope with the loneliness that often accompanies immortality?

AN: Loneliness is an eternal companion, a burden we carry with us through the ages. In the beginning, I sought companionship amongst mortals, attempting to find solace in fleeting connections. Yet, as time wore on, I discovered that immortality is a path best walked alone. Mortals come and go, while we remain. Embracing the solitude allows me to focus on my true nature without distractions.

I: You're known for your prowess as a hunter and your ruthlessness in battle. How do you reconcile your darker inclinations with your vampiric code?

AN: Ah, the vampiric code. A set of archaic rules crafted to tame our primal nature. I respect the code's tradition, but I do not let it bind me completely. I am a predator, a creature of the night, and I will not let outdated rules dull my instincts. I hunt only when necessary, and my enemies know the price of crossing me. I am a survivor, and in this world, strength and cunning are more valuable than outdated moralities.

I: Some of your actions have garnered you a reputation as a fearsome and dangerous vampire. How do you respond to those who perceive you as a threat?

AN: Let them fear me. Fear has a way of keeping one alive and alert, and I am not one to shy away from such emotions. Those who cross my path with ill intentions would do well to remember the consequences of their actions. I have survived for centuries, and I will continue to do so with or without the approval of others.

I: Is there any glimmer of humanity left in you, or has immortality erased it entirely?

AN: Immortality may have eroded parts of my humanity, but a sliver remains. We are not entirely devoid of emotions or memories of our past. I remember the warmth of the sun and the laughter of loved ones, though they now feel distant echoes. The vestiges of my humanity serve as a reminder of what once was, but they do not dictate my path.

I: Before we conclude, is there anything you'd like to say to those who may seek to understand the darker side of vampiric existence?

AN: Understand this—there is no absolute good or evil in our world. We are beings of duality, capable of both beauty and darkness. Embrace the shadows within yourself, for denying them only leads to weakness. Embrace your nature, whatever it may be, and thrive in the night. For it is in the darkness that true power lies.

I: Thank you, Lord Nightshade, for your candid insights into the darker aspects of vampiric existence.

AN: You're welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me, the night calls, and I have matters to attend to.

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