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Blood magick: Attract Living Vampires :Xtreme

Blood magick: Attract Living Vampires :Xtreme

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This is the Xtreme version of that power and comes from my personal BOS, this gives is Xtreme and if you can't handle it, it can drive you a little nuts, and there is no reversing it once it starts. Blood magick in and of itself is dangerous enough, add Xtreme actions to it, and it becomes a force to be reconed with. 


Now this one is dangerous. because some living vampires see humans as a food source only. There is a guardian that comes with this that will whisper of danger. not all living vampires have your best interests at heart. There are some that will come and wish to be with you, wish to teach you something or be friends, but there are some that will want you for a food source, this is where some missing person cases come from by the way. you have been warned. 

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