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Blood magick: Mixing :Xtreme

Blood magick: Mixing :Xtreme

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This is the Xtreme version of that power and comes from my personal BOS, the power this gives is Xtreme and if you can't handle it, it can drive you a little nuts, and there is no reversing it once it starts. Blood magick in and of itself is dangerous enough, add Xtreme actions to it, and it becomes a force to be reconed with.

Ok, having been asked for this i am going to put it here. This is a little complicated. you are mixing here. Becoming any two entities you chose ie: Demon/angel, Werewolf/Vampire ect.... it is up to you but know that this is dangerous. extremely so. This can mess with your psyche as well. it is not something you should take lightly but if this is what you want it is inserted into your DNA and all future lives. to use blood magick is dangerous enough, to add extreme measures, is downright suicidal. I want you to think about this before you do it, there is no going back. 

remember once you cant....unbleed 

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