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Blood magick: Past life pull :Xtreme

Blood magick: Past life pull :Xtreme

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This is the Xtreme version of that power and comes from my personal BOS, the power this gives is Xtreme and if you can't handle it, it can drive you a little nuts, and there is no reversing it once it starts. Blood magick in and of itself is dangerous enough, add Xtreme actions to it, and it becomes a force to be reconed with. 

This spell, coupled with your blood, will search down through your past lives for talent you had and pull it to you now. it will search down 10 past lives and pull any abilities you had then into the now. Please keep in mind that blood magick is dangerous and this spell will pull from the first 10 past lives it encounters that has magickal abilities.

It WILL NOT discriminate against good and evil abilities it WILL PULL all of them so you must be aware of this before purchase as there is no way to control what it pulls down. Plus this is blood magick and as such is dangerous in itself. The abilities, even if you don't like them or consider them too evil, will be with you till you die. This is something to consider before you purchase this listing.

Remember this....Once you bleed.....You can't unbleed......

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