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Chinese wish pot/gong instructions

Chinese wish pot/gong instructions

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Traditional Chinese wishing pots are small, covered bowls, usually ceramic, stone or porcelain, that are meant to hold wishes written on scrolls in a special inner chamber. This small chamber is suspended from the lid of the wishing pot by a thin silk cord. 

To make a wish, simply write it on the blank scroll provided. Roll up the scroll and place it in the holder which hangs from the lid of the wishing pot. Place the lid on the pot and keep it in an auspicious place to invite good fortune. If your wish is for luck, add a lucky charm along with the scroll in the pot. 

Started Back in the 1800's by gypsies, pagans and witches. The jars are made of special ingredients. The idea is to " sweeten" things to your life and sweeten ideas and wishes to come true. Once you place the wish inside you must hit the gong to allow the entity to take it out to be fulfilled. 

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