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Demon/Unicorn Hybrid Reverse Adoptions

Demon/Unicorn Hybrid Reverse Adoptions

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These Entities are dangerous and take me a month to accomplish, plus 6 months of making sure they are  bound correctly and safely. They are powerful and EXTREMELY dangerous and quite rare. They are not cuddly nor in need of a hug. They can and will read minds and determine souls, sometimes for their own amusements. 

They will try to possess you as well so keep that in mind before you purchase this listing.They are not sexual either so don't think they are going to sex you up, they are not. They have the ability to control actions and cause you to act on impulse but not kill another.

They do NOT have the ability to take away your free will however. They will try to entice you to obey your baser darker urges so make sure you are strong willed.  

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