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Deviant behavior

Deviant behavior

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This bubbly female vampire has round brown eyes that are like two bronze coins. Her luxurious, curly, medium-length hair is the color of coffee with cream, and is worn in an utilitarian, precise style. She is very short and has an athletic build. Her skin is ruddy. She has thin eyebrows and a strong chin. She can turn into a school of piranahs. now, who would not love that? lol She doesn't suffer from standard vampiric disabilities. Her outfits are businesslike.

Courteous: Occasionally
Risk-Taking: Often
Ambitious:  always
Curious: sometimes
Self-Controlled: Almost Always
Nurturing: Never
Trusting: Sometimes
Honest: Always, even if it hurts
Loyal: Completely, will punish disloyalty
Affectionate: Never
Romantic: Rarely
Flirty: Often
Sympathetic: Typically
Altruistic: Occasionally
Optimistic: Often
Observant: Generally
Logical: Typically
Social: very outgoing
Emotions: Usually stable

She's versatile, intelligent and impulsive. She takes tyrant to an artform, however, the right person can get to her and know the real her. 

"Tell me, are you willing to risk it all? And gain everything in return?"