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Do you see?

Do you see?

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"what it is you are looking for? Do you see what it is that keeps you awake at night? When the entire world it seems is asleep, and nothing you do holds sway? Do you know what it is that keeps you up? Is it the monster hiding under your bed? Is it the dreaded monster that hides in your closet waiting to devour you at the slightest mis-step? Is it your brain that just won't sleep? and it feeds you panic after panic until the thought of sleep is just a far away dream?

Tell me, do you even know what it is? Because I do. It is the monster that lay beside you, that THING that calls itself your lover. THAT is the true evil in your home, that is the face of horror and nightmares and the reason the monster under your bed tries to protect you at night, and the one in your closet keeps watch to ensure that monster beside you does not wake and rear it's ugly head. I have come to slay the beast, to ensure it never lifts its head again......"

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