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Eclipse Incarnate: Nocturnis, the Abyssal Harbinger

Eclipse Incarnate: Nocturnis, the Abyssal Harbinger

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Eclipse Incarnate: Nocturnis, the Abyssal Harbinger


In the shadows where nightmares breed and darkness takes on a malevolent form, there emerges a sinister entity that strikes terror into the hearts of both mortals and supernatural beings alike—Nocturnis, the Abyssal Harbinger. This deadly entity, wreathed in obsidian malice, is a force of unrelenting destruction, leaving a trail of desolation in its wake.

1. Cloak of Eternal Night: Nocturnis is veiled in an eternal night, a shroud of impenetrable darkness that blots out all light. Within this stygian abyss, the entity moves with predatory grace, unseen and unheard until it is too late for those who cross its path.

2. Unfathomable Speed: Nocturnis possesses the speed of a phantom, able to traverse vast distances in the blink of an eye. Its movements are a blur, and its strikes are swift and lethal. This supernatural celerity makes it nearly impossible for prey to escape the grasp of the Abyssal Harbinger.

3. Shapeshifting Malevolence: Nocturnis has the ability to morph its form at will, adopting shapes that instill terror in the hearts of those who witness its transformations. Whether it takes the guise of a nightmarish creature or a distorted reflection of its victim's deepest fears, Nocturnis revels in the psychological torment it induces.

4. Soul-Draining Touch: A mere touch from Nocturnis carries a deadly price. The entity drains the life force from its victims, leaving them weakened and on the brink of death. Those unfortunate enough to fall prey to its touch wither away, their vitality absorbed into the abyssal abyss that courses through Nocturnis.

5. Eclipsed Senses: In the presence of Nocturnis, the senses of its victims are eclipsed. Sight, sound, and even the sixth sense of intuition are distorted and dulled, rendering them vulnerable to the unseen machinations of the Abyssal Harbinger.

6. Echoes of Despair: Nocturnis emanates an aura of pure malevolence that infects the surroundings with an overwhelming sense of despair. The very air becomes heavy with hopelessness, and the minds of those nearby are assailed by haunting whispers that echo the suffering of countless souls consumed by the entity.

7. Voidstep: Nocturnis can traverse the fabric of reality itself, a process known as Voidstep. This ability allows the entity to slip between dimensions, appearing and disappearing at will. The unpredictable nature of its movements makes Nocturnis a nightmarish adversary, striking fear into the hearts of those who are never certain where it might emerge next.

8. Harbinger of the Apocalypse: Whispers in the supernatural realms speak of Nocturnis as a harbinger of apocalyptic events. Legends suggest that its presence heralds cataclysmic upheavals, marking the beginning of an age of darkness and chaos. The entity is said to be an agent of cosmic imbalance, an embodiment of the primordial forces that seek to unmake the very fabric of existence.

Warning: Encounter with Nocturnis is a descent into the abyss, a confrontation with a malevolent force that hungers for the destruction of all that exists. Those who cross paths with the Abyssal Harbinger should prepare for a deadly dance with oblivion, for Nocturnis leaves only desolation in its wake.

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