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Eminent Vampire Seeks New Bloodline

Eminent Vampire Seeks New Bloodline

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Eminent Vampire Seeks New Bloodline


Embrace the night with the opportunity to welcome a distinguished vampire into your domain. We present an ancient and refined immortal seeking a new coven to share the shadows with.

Name: Lord Arion Nocturne

Age: Millennia-old, timeless elegance

Physical Description:

  • Tall and statuesque, standing at 6'3" with an aura of regal authority
  • Porcelain skin, untouched by the sun's rays, accentuating piercing sapphire eyes
  • Sleek, raven-black hair cascading in gentle waves down his back
  • Incisors honed to perfection, allowing for the most delicate of feeds
  • Impeccably dressed in tailored attire, exuding an air of aristocratic sophistication


  • Strength: Superior to mortal beings, capable of feats of inhuman might
  • Speed: Graceful and swift, able to move faster than the eye can perceive
  • Compulsion: The power to influence the thoughts and emotions of those susceptible
  • Immortality: Ageless and impervious to conventional harm
  • Enhanced Senses: Keen senses of sight, hearing, and scent, granting unparalleled perception


  • Mastery of the Night: Proficient in various forms of combat, both armed and unarmed
  • Sire's Authority: Possesses the ability to create progeny and establish a loyal coven
  • Aristocratic Etiquette: Well-versed in the customs and traditions of the immortal elite
  • Subterfuge and Evasion: Adept at blending into the shadows, remaining unseen when desired

Habitat Preferences:

  • Requires a sanctuary conducive to the nocturnal lifestyle, preferably hidden from the sun's reach
  • Luxurious chambers for repose, adorned with rich fabrics and exquisite furnishings
  • Access to a well-protected hunting territory, with a readily available source of nourishment


  • Lord Arion Nocturne is a vampire of immense power and should be approached with the utmost respect
  • Sunlight is lethal; he must be shielded from direct exposure at all costs
  • Silver-based weaponry and protective measures against the supernatural are advised

Additional Notes: He can be very moody depending on the type of blood he is drinking. Ensure it is always top notch stuff.  IE: Kings/Queens/Presidents 

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