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"There is nothing scarier than the thought of spending eternity alone. You'd ask for pain just to feel something, anything at all. Countless years of that you'd be scarier than I am, no compassion, no remorse, your soul turned to the dark side without a hope of redemption. So why not join the dark side, my pretty?

Why choose to be alone in your madness? In that empty shell of a world you call home? Come, let us show you the pleasure of cruelty, the joy of power, the release in violent sex. You'll find it so pleasurable,and sweetly painful, we know you will.

Inside you are one of us, we've seen it in you. You aren't pure enough to make it through the gates. That route is closed to you forever. So why live in-between the light and the dark? After all, what is there to be afraid of when you are the monster?"

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