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Insanity has a name: Part 2

Insanity has a name: Part 2

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This is a BA demon, he is dangerous and deadly. He is the brother to the first insanity dude. He won't tolerate mess either, or messy humans as he calls them. He hates two faced people, those that smile to your face and talk about you behind your back, those make him want to scream. he is really a sweetie except for the fact that he is insane.  And he wants to say the same as his brother since they are twins. 

I watched as your blood pooled at my feet, making your skin so  translucent,. The lateness of the hour just made me want to drink you in further, to watch your eyes become glossy and vacant, to see death on your face, while your blood gave me life. Ironic isn't it, we both need the same thing but if i take yours, you die. Your blood gave me life eternal. Every choice you had made up until that last point was me, me alone and it brings you to the side of the demons.

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