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Lavender oil for third eye opening

Lavender oil for third eye opening

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Lavender is a popular and well-loved herb in our Western world. Its floral scent and soothing qualities are familiar to nearly everyone, regardless of their awareness of herbal medicines. Lavender is often used as a meditation aid as it quiets the chatter of the mind and, therefore, the ego. It is said that Lavender resonates with the sixth chakra, Ajna, located in the “third eye” area of the forehead, between the eyebrows.

The Ajna chakra is considered the center of foresight, intuition, contemplation, and enlightenment, and is associated with the eyes, brain, pineal gland, and nervous system. 
Ancient knowledge considers Lavender to promote deeper spiritual understanding, psychic insight, and intuitive visions. In addition, Lavender will help to cast away any doubts about embracing our spiritual power. 

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