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Living Skin walkers *NOTE THEY ARE DANGEROUS*

Living Skin walkers *NOTE THEY ARE DANGEROUS*

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1. A skinwalker is a person with the ability to transform into any different type of animal at will.

2. They are most frequently seen as coyotes, wolves, foxes, eagles, owls or crows.

3. Some can also “steal” the faces of different people, and could appear as someone you know.

4. If you accidentally lock eyes with a skinwalker, they can “absorb” themselves into your body and take control of your actions.

5. Rare skinwalkers can also have the ability to enchant the powder of corpses and use the substance as poison dust on victims.

6. The legend of the skinwalkers originates from the Navajo, a southwestern Native American tribe.

7. In the Navajo language, the word “skinwalker” is yee naagloshii and translates to “he who walks on all fours.”

8. Skinwalkers have only entered the public discourse relatively recently compared to another phenomenon. In 1996, a team of scientists ventured to a Utah ranch to investigate a series of the bizarre phenomena.

9. If their other powers weren’t enough, Skinwalkers are also said to be able to run incredibly long distances — some say over 200 miles in one evening.

11. While they can take many forms, many people who see them today describe them as “hollowed out” dog-like animals.

12. Skinwalkers are said to recruit more skinwalkers themselves. There is some dispute in how this happens, but some say that there is an official ceremony and that skinwalkers only take their form with a gathering of people and specific chants.

13. With all of their advantages, it is said that you can kill a skinwalker if you call them by their true (human) name.

14. Skinwalkers are most commonly encountered near-native reservations, though they have been seen all over the United States SKIN WALKER RANCH in Utah is the most famous. Some people believe the “Rake” which is commonly encountered in the northeast is similar to a skinwalker.

 Because of the nature of the beast, these will not be cheap, since I can get to where they are and there is a danger to me as well. Since these are alive a portal will be offered to the one that is willing to scare the shit out of you. 

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