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Ode to Danger *The Ouija board*

Ode to Danger *The Ouija board*

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This can be so dangerous, it can be one of your worst nightmares or one of a serious fantasy. This is designed to keep yourself and your family and environment safe while communicating with spirits. This Ouija Board Game comes with a Sage Smudge wand, cauldron, incense, wood incense tray, white protection spell candles, and a black burlap bag.

I would prefer you stay away from these but if you are going to play, play the safe way. There are protection spells woven into each piece of this as well to ensure your safety. 

Ouija Board provided comes with instructions. The 2 most important things to remember are 1. Spirits are tricky whether evil or not. They will try to trick you so form your questions wisely. 2. You must be sure to say goodbye to all spirits and ask them to leave while burning your cedar smudge around your space.

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