pure love and acceptance of you


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This one is different and I felt it needed. So I am offering it. This is a spell, not to make others love you. Not for others to accept you. This is for  YOU so you can love and accept yourself. It will help you love and accept yourself as yourself. There is no other involved here. It will help you forgive and move on. it will help you forget and move on. It is for the pure love and acceptance of yourself.

No other, it will help you love you. It will show you yourself in your purest form and has an custom conjured spirit attached to help you with this. I don't usually offer things of this nature but, well, it's needed now. Too many people don't love themselves anymore and that's where this comes in. This will not work on anybody but you to help you love you. 

What are you waiting for it's time to fall in love .....