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Send it back and shove it up their ****

Send it back and shove it up their ****

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This is to undo what you have lost through negligence of others or yourself. Either because of a spell gone wrong, black magick, crossed conditions, malice, revenge ect... If you feel you have lost things like love, money, respect, jobs, friends ect.. through other's malice, this spell will do it for you, plus it will send it back to the sender 1000 fold. you don't even have to know who did it to you, this spell has an intelligent design to search through your past and find out what was done, by whom if any, and shove it up their ***.

Now if it comes that you have lost them through your own ignorance, it will begin to work on that part of you that caused this in the first place. Due to the complicated nature of this spell, and the fact that it takes me 3 days to complete, I can't let it go cheap

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