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The Chupacabra of Zanzibar: Popobawa Demons

The Chupacabra of Zanzibar: Popobawa Demons

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In Tanzania, specifically on the islands of Zanzibar, the demon that haunts locals’ dreams is the popobawa, or “batwing.” A shapeshifter, the popobawa is said to take on both human and animal forms at will. It gets its evocative name, however, from the distinctive shadow cast by its outspread wings when it attacks. Believers say the creature is a djinn released by a sheikh seeking vengeance. Unfortunately for the Zanzibaris, the sheikh quickly lost control of his spirit helper, who then turned to evil ways.
According to believers, the popobawa will creep into your room in the dark of night and attack you in your own bed. Sometimes a sulfurous smell accompanies the creature, and occasionally it is heard on the roof, claws scraping, before it enters.

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