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The death whistle

The death whistle

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Death Whistles,

Terrifying instruments of religion and war were used by Ancient Aztecs to summon spirits and create horror and fear wherever they went. These whistles emit a scream that sounds like a woman being tortured in horrible agony. These whistles are no joke either do not purchase mistaking them as such. you will regret it. The Aztec Death Whistle, rather than being a cursed object, is really just a cleverly shaped whistle that mimics the sound of the agonizing screams and wails of captives being tortured.

This will bring the dead to you, make no mistakes about it and it is spelled so that the effects are intensified 100 fold. There are other spells placed on this to ensure you are safe. ahh so you want death and destruction to come your way, do you? you blow this, and death will come your way in the form of the dead/demons/ etc. ...The death whistle was exclusively used in several zones of ancient Mexico and belongs to a very unusual family of Mexican resonators. The true purpose of these artifacts is still baffling experts.

Some believe they were used to terrorize enemies in warfare.
If your worst nightmare had a soundtrack, the Aztec death whistle would be prominently featured. In the hands of a skilled user, the instrument creates the spine-tingling wail of a thousand tortured souls being carried on a cold wind–with the screams and death rattles of a few wild jungle animals mixed in. This will bring all of that to you.

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