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The demon cat *Yes there is more than one, but only 4*

The demon cat *Yes there is more than one, but only 4*

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Meet Tanjia now just because she chooses to stay in cat form most of the time don't mistake it for weakness, she is one of the most powerful of the cat people I have run across. Ah, the concept of a cat vampire! An interesting blend of supernatural and feline characteristics. Although vampires are traditionally associated with bats, the idea of a cat with vampire-like abilities is intriguing.

She, the cat vampire possesses heightened senses, agility, and  even the ability to transform into a bat for added mobility. She can prowl the night, hunting for prey, and has a mysterious, alluring charm. She has seduced even the most hardened of people to give up their secrets to her. As they all possess this ability, She has the attitude of a cat and vampire combined and is next in line to the throne

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