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The Hidebehinds *there are 5, you get 1*

The Hidebehinds *there are 5, you get 1*

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Due to their incredible skill at remaining hidden, nobody knows what exactly a Hidebehind looks like, as the most anyone has ever seen of it was a motion blur, but it can be deduced from the damage they cause and their ability to hide that they are not especially large and have claws.

  • Whenever anyone attempts to look at a Hidebehind, it finds a way to hide from them, and it is believed they are able to contort themselves in order to hide behind any object. While it is not known for sure, Hidebehinds are thought to be predators due to occasionally attacking lone humans.
  • Known
    1. Enhanced Hiding: A Hidebehind is able to hide behind the nearest object before their observer has turned around, flexible enough to match the object, and able to change its size to fit behind it. 2. Claws: Hidebehinds have large claws that can be used as weapons.
  • Suspected
    1. Enhanced Speed: Hidebehinds is at least fast enough to hide before being noticed, and in the one sighting of one it was moving fast enough to create enough motion blur to obscure its appearance. 2. Enhanced Strength: Hidebehinds has shown the ability to overcome armed adults 
  • Aversion to being seen: Hidebehinds will do anything they can to prevent themselves from being seen by any other creature.
    Alcohol: Hidebehinds show a strong aversion to the smell of alcohol.

You have been warned, this creature is dangerous and has committed many crimes against humanity, well his clan has. 

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