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The in-depth train

The in-depth train

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This listing is to provide you with more extreme in-depth information such as: 

  1. The origin clan: where you or your entity started

  2. What they are willing to share about your origins ie Parents etc...

  3. an in-depth conversation about who they are (this is not an interview, just what they are willing to say) 

  4. The abilities/weaknesses and strengths of the original clan/themselves and you

  5. Transformation symptoms for those that have activated DNA

  6. Why and when you decided to take the human road

  7. IF you did not DECIDE to take the human road, what/who forced the decision on you

  8. for those of you with living companions an estimate on when you will meet in person. *not guaranteed by me* 

  9. if you have brothers or sisters in the clan 

  10. IF they are willing to be listed 

  11. IF they are willing to talk to you

  12. What to expect after being fully transformed 

  13. Why a transformation may not be working and how to fix it

  14. Follow up questions if you need them

This listing will take 3 days to complete, be patient. 

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