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The king

The king

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Some common characteristics associated with werewolves include:

  1. Dual Nature: Werewolves are often depicted as having a dual nature, with their human side representing rationality, emotion, and self-control, while their wolf side embodies primal instincts, aggression, and raw power.

  2. Wildness and Instincts: When in their transformed state, werewolves are often portrayed as primal and fiercely territorial. They exhibit predatory instincts and an overwhelming urge to hunt and protect their territory.

  3. Loyalty and Pack Mentality: Werewolves are frequently associated with a pack mentality, emphasizing loyalty, family bonds, and a strong sense of hierarchy within the pack. They may exhibit protective qualities towards their pack members.

  4. Struggle for Control: A common theme is the struggle for control over their transformations. Many werewolves are portrayed as individuals who strive to control their wild instincts, often dealing with internal conflicts and the fear of losing control.

However, what you are looking at in this listing is the king of werewolves. He has the self control of a saint. Nothing bothers him, and he is looking for his mate. Should you accept his calling you will be turned. And you will leave this plane of existence for his. but that will  take a while it WILL NOT happen overnight. 

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