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The Neuvo rich

The Neuvo rich

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The Realm: This area is inhabited by Vampires and Hell hounds, many of whom seem rather rude. Most of them live in a cozy-looking city built underground. A common pastime around here is exploring the outdoors. Magic is quite commonplace. The surrounding countryside is mostly hilly and dotted with plants, and is strewn with huge reddish stones. It also hosts a small river. It's lead by a council, whom the people regard rather fondly.

Courteous: Occasionally
Risk-Taking: Never
Ambitious: Occasionally
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Usually
Nurturing: Rarely
Trusting: Depends on the person
Honest: Always and faults those that are not
Loyal: Always and faults those that are not
Affectionate: Rarely
Romantic: Typically
Flirty: Occasionally
Sympathetic: Rarely
Altruistic: Generally
Optimistic: Rarely
Observant: Often
Logical: Usually
Social: Somewhat solitary
Emotions: Very controlled

This serious male vampire has dark blue eyes that are like two turquoises. His fine, wavy, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a peacock's tail. He's got a beard and a stylish moustache. He has a lithe build. His skin is brown. He has a wide chin and wide feet. He can turn into a cloud of dust. He has the standard vampiric disabilities. His diet requires blood and he dresses funny sometimes. 

It's easy to get to know this vampire, provided you have used the proper respect, but perhaps most important is that he is imaginative and loyal. Of course he's also passionate, clever and intuitive, but far less strongly and often mixed with being pedantic as well.

His imagination though, this is what he's kind of cherished for. There are many times when friends count on this and his sharing nature whenever they need assistance or help. However, he can be rather vicious and malicious these tend to get in the way, both personally and for others.
Fortunately His loyalty helps lighten the blows and moods when needed.

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