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The Oldest of things *portal*

The Oldest of things *portal*

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"I am the oldest vampire living. I saw when man was created. i saw when lilith refused to bow down. I am the one that influenced her. I saw great potential in her and I was not wrong. She has done exactly what I asked of her, Divided that creation of his into seperate entities. I witnessed the birth of the first Djinn. And now I have decided after all this time to take a human as my companion. Do not worry, I am so old I do not drink blood. I know some of you are going to say what did you drink before humans, you do realize you are not the only ones that inhabited this planet don't you? There are others, and i can travel through the doors on this planet to other parallel worlds. I will NOT be bound, this will be a portal so that I may visit other humans as well, and no, I do not need anything to visit whom I choose, but out of respect for mortals, I do it this way"

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