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the ultimate aggressor

the ultimate aggressor

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Title: Wrathful Wraith: The Vengeful Fury

Description: Behold the Wrathful Wraith, an aggressive and vengeful spirit known as The Vengeful Fury. Born from a wellspring of unquenchable anger and resentment, this malevolent entity exists solely to exact retribution upon the living. With eyes ablaze with furious crimson fire and a haunting presence that radiates seething hostility, The Vengeful Fury is a relentless force of destruction.


  • Height: Amorphous, standing at an imposing 7 feet when corporeal

  • Weight: Weightless, yet capable of exerting formidable force

  • Eyes: Glowing orbs of molten rage, piercing through the void

  • Form: Ephemeral and ethereal, capable of assuming a nightmarish, contorted visage

  • Aura: Radiates an oppressive, suffocating atmosphere of wrath and malice

  • Voice: A guttural, spectral growl that chills the bravest souls to the bone


  1. Spectral Phasing: The Vengeful Fury can pass through solid matter at will, rendering physical barriers ineffective.

  2. Telekinetic Assault: It wields telekinetic force with devastating effect, hurling objects and creatures with tremendous power.

  3. Terrifying Presence: Its malevolent aura induces paralyzing fear in those who dare to gaze upon it, weakening their resolve.

  4. Maleficent Curses: The Vengeful Fury can unleash curses that afflict its victims with misfortune, madness, or unrelenting agony.

  5. Soul Rending: With a touch, it can tear at the very essence of a soul, leaving its target spiritually wounded and vulnerable.

Dangers: Encountering The Vengeful Fury is a harrowing experience, as its relentless pursuit of vengeance knows no bounds. Engaging in direct confrontation is perilous, for its spectral nature renders conventional weaponry ineffective. Those who face it must rely on wits, courage, and potent spiritual defenses.

Price: Beware, for the cost of summoning or facing The Vengeful Fury is measured not in mortal wealth, but in the very essence of one's being. Once called forth, its wrath is a force that cannot be easily quelled, and it may turn its fury upon its summoner if its thirst for retribution is not sated.

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