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the ultimate djinn listing *not cheap*

the ultimate djinn listing *not cheap*

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They may even engage in sexual affairs with humans and produce offspring. If they are injured by someone, they usually seek revenge or possess the assailant's body, refusing to leave it until forced to do so by exorcism. Jinn do not usually meddle in human affairs, preferring to live with their own kind in tribes similar to those of pre-Islamic Arabia.

djinn are powerful supernatural beings with unique abilities. Their powers can vary across different cultural interpretations, but here are some commonly associated powers:

  1. Shape-shifting: Djinn are often able to change their form, assuming various shapes such as animals, humans, or even objects.

  2. Invisibility: They can become invisible to human eyes, allowing them to move undetected.

  3. Granting wishes: While not all djinn are wish-granting entities, some stories portray them as capable of fulfilling desires. However, it often comes at a great cost or with unintended consequences.

  4. Elemental manipulation: Djinn are often associated with the ability to manipulate elements such as fire, water, air, and earth.

  5. Enhanced knowledge and perception: They possess vast knowledge and wisdom, allowing them to have a deep understanding of the world.

  6. Illusion creation: Djinn can create illusions that can deceive human senses and perception.

  7. Teleportation: They can travel instantaneously from one place to another, allowing them to appear and disappear at will.

  8. Mind control: In some folklore, djinn have the ability to control the minds of humans, influencing their thoughts and actions.

Here are some potential dangers associated with encountering or interacting with a djinn:

  1. Trickery and deception: Djinn are known for their cunning nature and trickster tendencies. They may deceive humans by using their powers to manipulate thoughts, perceptions, or outcomes, often leading to undesirable consequences.

  2. Possession: According to some beliefs, djinn can possess humans, taking control of their bodies and influencing their actions. This can lead to a loss of personal autonomy and potentially harmful behavior.

  3. Revenge and malevolence: If a djinn perceives someone has wronged them or their kind, they may seek revenge. They are often depicted as vengeful beings capable of causing harm, illness, or misfortune to those who cross their path.

  4. Wish misuse: While djinn may grant wishes, their interpretation of the wish may not align with the person's intent. This can result in unexpected or negative outcomes, as many stories caution against making deals or wishes with djinn.

  5. Spiritual danger: In some belief systems, djinn are regarded as spiritual entities with the potential to interfere with a person's spiritual journey. Establishing a connection with a djinn may attract unwanted spiritual influences or disrupt one's spiritual well-being.  

I am warning you, these are some of the most powerful and dangerous djinn there are. It is your responsibility to ask questions BEFORE purchase. These take me 3 months to conjure and because they pose a danger in the conjuring I am not letting them go cheap. You will NEVER encounter djinn more powerful than these. I would not even conjure them but I have been asked.

I am only EVER conjuring 5 of these, after it's gone it's gone

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