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The ultimate power: Minor Power

The ultimate power: Minor Power

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Ever wanted power? Ever wondered what it would be like to have it in abundance? This will give you these abilities at a safe level where you won't over exert yourself. It will give you so much power and you will have to learn to handle it. This will cause me to have to cast spells over you for three weeks to accomplish so I will need a picture. 

Minor Powers 

  • Strength - The ability to demonstrate great physical prowess and ability. Most if not all supernatural beings possess the ability at some level.

  • Stamina - Having the need to not rest and operate for long periods of time without rest. Some creatures are able to be physically and mentally active for months, years or even indefinitely without ever stopping.

  • Speed  - Power to move at great speeds, at times becoming unnoticeable to the naked eye.

  • Astral perception - Power to see the invisible works of supernatural beings.

  • Endurance - Resilience to harm and able take great amounts of physical trauma.

  • Senses - Highly advance natural senses of incredible proportions. Able to see, smell, and hear vast levels above humans.

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