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The ultimate power: Upper level Power :Xtreme

The ultimate power: Upper level Power :Xtreme

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Ever wanted power? Ever wondered what it would be like to have it in abundance? This will give you these abilities at a safe level where you won't over exert yourself. It will give you so much power and you will have to learn to handle it. This will cause me to have to cast spells over you for three weeks to accomplish so I will need a picture. 

High-Level Powers 

  • Chronokinesis - Power to manipulate time in the way of freezing, traveling through, and reversing, now as your human body can't take this it will be soul traveling.

  • Reality Warping - Power of creating items, people, and entire pocket dimensions. As well granting the power of wishes and changing the works of fate.

  • Precognition - Aptitude to see into the future. The vision isn't always clear but some images can be very visual.

  • Dream walking - Endowment allowing one to enter dreams of others and communicate.

  • Pyrokinesis - Ability to manipulate fire.

  • Electrokinesis - Manipulation of electricity. Can cause disruptions in electrical devices and blackouts.

    • Electromagnetic interference - Manipulate / influence of eletronic devices.
  • Molecular Combustion - Capability to obliterate any being into billions of molecular pieces.

  • Photokinesis - The might to damage and destroy a target with pure light energy.

  • Power Negation - Negating of any ability and rendering a supernatural being mortal ONLY TEMPORARY WARNING.

  • Thermokinesis  - Faculty to alter temperature in a certain from incredibly hot to absolute zero.

  • Eidetic Memory - Immunity to memory altering powers and know the original and true order of past and present history.

  • Weather Manipulation *This is my Fav from my personal BOS* - Power to cause storms and change weather from one state drastically to the other.

  • Terrakinesis - Endowment to cause violent earthquakes and tremors in the ground.

  • Necrokinesis - Power to kill anything with a touch.

  • Conjuration - Power of creation.

  • Mind Control *Dangerous* - Ability to manipulate or influence the others.

    • Demon Control *Temporary and dangerous* - Ability to manipulate the free will of demons. They exact revenge


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