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The Wraith *warning she has a temper*

The Wraith *warning she has a temper*

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Name: Seraphine the Spectral Maiden

Age: Appears to be in her mid-20s, but has been a wraith for centuries.

Appearance: Seraphine is a tall and slender figure, standing at about 6'0". She has an ethereal and otherworldly appearance, with a pale, almost translucent complexion and long flowing white hair. Her features are delicate and refined, with high cheekbones and full lips. Her eyes are a piercing shade of violet and seem to glow in the dark. She is often seen wearing a long white gown that billows around her ghostly figure.

History: Seraphine was once a beautiful princess, but she died tragically at a young age. Her spirit became trapped in the mortal realm, unable to move on to the afterlife. She has been haunting the depths of forests and abandoned castles ever since, luring unsuspecting travelers to their doom

Personality: Seraphine is a tragic figure, filled with sorrow and despair. She longs for the release of death but is unable to achieve it. She is desperate for companionship, often using her alluring appearance to seduce those she encounters. But she is also filled with resentment and anger, seeking revenge against the living for their ability to experience life and emotions she can never truly feel again.

Abilities: As a wraith, Seraphine is able to glide through solid objects, move quickly and silently, and has the ability to possess living beings. She can manipulate the environment around her, causing objects to move by her will. She also has the power to drain the life force of anyone she comes into contact with, leaving them weakened and vulnerable. Her touch is cold to the bone, causing chills and shivers to run down the spine of anyone she touches.

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