Vampire hunting Kit *Reproduction*


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This kit contains the following: 

  1. Vial labelled Vampirism

  2. Vial labelled Powdered Garlic

  3. Vial labelled Dr. Anthony's Fire

  4. Vial labelled Tincture of Jalap

  5. Vial labelled Cardvus Benedictuse

  6. Vial labelled Potassium Nitrate

  7. Holy Soil

  8. Stake

  9. Crucifix

  10. Pistol *NOT REAL*

  11. Holy Water/Anointing Oil

  12. Holy Incense

  13. Brimstone

  14. Rosary

  15. Prayer book

  16. Mallet

  17. mirror 

This is a reproduction of an actual vampire hunting Kit. It will also contain a vampire hunters spirit.