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Vampiric Companion in Need of a New Home

Vampiric Companion in Need of a New Home

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 Vampiric Companion in Need of a New Home

Are you a vampire enthusiast looking to add a unique and exotic companion to your life? Look no further than this unwanted vampire, in need of a new home and a caring owner to call its own.

Age and Appearance: The vampire in question is approximately 300 years old, but as a creature of the night, it has maintained an ageless appearance. It is male, standing at an impressive 6'2" with dark, piercing eyes, and a charming smile that conceals its deadly fangs.

Personality: This vampire is known for being quite aloof, with a solitary nature that sometimes borders on melancholy. However, it can be playful and lively when it is in good company or under the influence of its insatiable bloodlust.

Health and Condition: The vampire is in excellent physical condition, with a great deal of strength and agility that comes with its undead state. However, it has been known to be a bit fastidious about its appearance and will require regular grooming and upkeep.


1. Experienced Owners: Due to its age and experience, this vampire requires owners who have a firm, authoritarian hand. It has been known to be stubborn and resistant to control, so patience and a firm hand will be necessary to maintain its compliance.

2. Knowledge of Vampire Needs: As a vampire, this creature has specific requirements that must be met to maintain its health and happiness. It needs regular access to fresh blood, as well as a safe place to sleep during daylight hours.

3. Tolerance for Bloodlust and Aggression: While the vampire can be a loyal and affectionate companion, it is important to remember that it is still a predator at heart. Its natural inclination towards bloodlust and aggression will require a certain level of tolerance and understanding from its owner.

4. Financial Stability: As an exotic creature with unique needs, this vampire will require a certain level of financial stability on the part of its owner. Blood donations, regular grooming, and other vampire-specific needs can add up quickly.

Note: This vampire is not for the faint of heart and should only be considered by those who are truly devoted to the care and keeping of an exotic, dangerous creature.

 The vampire will be looking for an owner who can meet its needs while providing a stable and loving home where it can thrive for centuries to come.

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