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Chi Manipulation *From my BOS*

Chi Manipulation *From my BOS*

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In times of immense pressure, and we all have experienced this at one time or another, the strengthening of the mind can bring such enormous tranquility. Reaching into your inner self to connect to the spiritual abilities of your mind, body, and soul can allow you to not only tap into a plane beyond mere human existence but may boost body functions beyond normal capabilities. The mind is an extremely powerful weapon, and if you can master its capabilities, the world is yours for the taking. This has been known to happen with Zen masters. And I have studied it at length in the middle east and decided to offer it to you.

Self-healing and pain resistance are just some of the bodily changes that may occur. In addition, some users have been known to project their inner energy outwards in a destructive blow of power or create optical illusions and tricks of the mind by accessing the spiritual plane. How this will present itself and manifest in you will depend on how you channel it through you. Much like a fingerprint, everyone’s chi is unique and different to the user, giving them a unique identity much like a fingerprint is different. As such, this will not manifest itself in you as it does in me, making what it does to you, unique and ONLY YOURS.

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