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Dangerous and deadly dragon

Dangerous and deadly dragon

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Bright flaming eyes sit rooted within the dragons horned, angular skull, which gives him a terrifying looking appearance.
Several central horns sit atop its head, just above its thin, pointy ears. A row of horns runs down the sides of each of its jaw lines.  A few sharp teeth poke out from the side of its mouth and reveal only a fraction of what awaits the unsuspecting traveler. 

A short neck runs down from its head and into a long body. The top is covered in thick scales and rows of small sharpened blades runs down its spine.
Its bottom is covered in smooth skin and is colored differently than the rest of its body. Four bulky limbs carry its body and allow the creature to stand elegantly and towering. 

Monstrous wings grow starting from its shoulders and end just passed its shoulder blades. The wings are angular, the insides of the wing seem to be made of thin crystals and each bone structures ends in a curved, yet blunt tip.

Its wide tail ends in a seemingly fluffy tip and is covered in the same thick scales as its body. This dragon truly is a sight to behold, and dangerous as well. 

Courteous: Rarely
Risk-Taking: Generally
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Occasionally
Self-Controlled: Never
Nurturing: Usually
Trusting: Usually
Honest: Sometimes
Loyal: Usually
Affectionate: Never
Romantic: Never
Flirty: Occasionally
Sympathetic: Often
Altruistic: Never
Optimistic: Sometimes
Observant: Often
Logical: Occasionally
Social: Fairly solitary
Emotions: Somewhat unstable

"Human if you feel brave enough to stand in front of me, i am willing to not destroy you"


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