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Mala Vision is an evil spirit that roams the forests at night and attacks hapless travelers. According to legend the spirit was a woman, who maddened by jealousy, murdered her adulterous husband. She buried the body and covered it with hot coals to cremate it. On the seventh night after the murder, during a terrible thunderstorm, the corpse of her husband suddenly appeared before her and she died of fright. After that, her spirit wanders the mountains and valleys at night.

The apparition can manifest as a gust of wind and appears as a beautiful woman dressed and veiled in white and lets out an eerie cry or shriek. Alternately, she appears as a tree, with a humanoid form and long branches and hands. It is said if you respond to her cry three times, the ghost will bite your skull and eat your brains. The Guarani Indians said she is a protector of nature and attacks those who disturb the tranquility of the forests. According to a different version, Mala Vision is a damned spirit and can only be released if it scratches the face of its intended victim. The victim will be killed or driven insane and in death become the next Mala Vision.

This is the mythology surrounding them for those that did not know and asked me. They can be very benevolent and help with many things, especially disposing of evidence. 

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