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Meet Mim, she is a demon of high stature. When she is around you it will feel as if passing through an icy shower, like touching arctic air, or bathing in a tub full of ice cubes, suddenly chilling, and being washed through with ice water, like having every warm feeling and thought sucked out of you. She is sexy and beautiful and death for those that cross her. She looks just like a human, to fit into our world and destroy without care or thought to those she deems less worthy of her attentions.

"The darkness is my cradle, from here I can preserve my skin. In the enfolding night, I feel the power surging through me to my eyes. Tomorrow is another day. Another day to watch millions perish from your human stupidity, while I sit back with glee and enjoy the suffering. Tomorrow is another day Some say I am a beast. I say it's natural. Doesn't snakes care for themselves alone, aren't they natural too? My job, my only job is to preserve myself and I do it very well. I'll let you crack the code to riches so long as you swear your loyalty, so long as you bid farewell to the light."

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