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Silver, straight hair is pulled back to reveal a furrowed, friendly face. Sparkling amber eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, watch impatiently over the rivers that he has loved for so long. A beard graciously compliments his eyes and hair and leaves a beautiful memory of his luck in love. This is the face of Adam Shepherd, a true pureblood werewolf. He is not afraid to reveal his real name, as you can do nothing with it.

There's something wonderful about him, perhaps it's his decency or perhaps it's simply his kind face. But nonetheless, people tend to pretend to be his best friend, while hoping and praying he will one day be their leader, which he has refused on so many occasions. 

His realm is inhabited by monsters, most of whom seem quite quirky and can only be gained by portal. Most of them live in an ancient-looking city. A common pastime around here is exploring the outdoors. The surrounding countryside is mostly forests and rivers with gigantic grass. It also hosts many ponds. It's lead by a king, whom the people feel ok but they want Adam more.

Personality Type: ISTP - The Crafter
(Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving)
Friendliness: Friendly
Honesty: Completely and totally
Assertiveness: Somewhat
Confidence / Ego: Unassuming
Agreeableness: One-of-a-kind
Manners: Average mannered
Discipline: To the point of madness
Rebelliousness: Bound by the book
Emotional capacity: Deep and long lasting
Intelligence: Competent
Positivity: Optimistic
Activeness / Lifestyle: Flexible
Current emotional state: Quiet and unassuming

loves playing with snow and reading literature


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