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power of the Strigoi

power of the Strigoi

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 Supernatural Healing Factor - Strigoi heals and recover within days from almost any injury besides a silver stake in their heart, decapitation, or being burned by fire or sunlight. Blood can make recovery even faster and easier.

  • Near Immortality - Strigoi is unable to be killed by natural causes (e.g. age, disease, heart failure, suffocation, etc.) except by staking them in the heart with a silver stake, fire, sunlight, or decapitation. DO NOT test this one
  • Superior Senses: They can see, taste, touch, and hear better than moroi and dhampirs.
  • Darkness Adaptation -  possess near-perfect night vision and can see clearly even in perfect darkness.
  • Superior Strength - Strigoi is significantly stronger and more fit than dhampirs or Moroi. A single strigoi can brutally beat even a well-trained dhampir into submission. AGAIN DO NOT TEST THIS ONE
  • Superior Endurance - Strigoi can maintain physical performance longer than Dhampirs and Moroi and not be greatly fazed by attacks.
  • Superior Speed - Strigoi is faster than dhampirs and Moroi. They can easily catch up to their Moroi, dhampir, or human prey. *DO NOT HUNT HUMANS*
  • Enhanced Bite - Strigoi have an animalistic bite and jaw strength that allows them to shred and rend flesh.
  • Pain Tolerance - Strigoi can feel pain, though the older and more powerful they are the higher their pain tolerance. Strigoi have the ability to heal from ALMOST any injury within seconds.
  • Vampirization - Strigoi can make a human, Dhampir, or Moroi into another of their kind if anyone drinks any amount of their blood, usually by force. Moroi can turn themselves into Strigoi by killing or draining their victim when they feed.
  • Heightened compulsion - Strigoi can control the minds of MOST humans,  Dhampirs, and Moroi to a certain degree through eye contact and verbal commands.
  • Species detection - With ease they are able to distinguish Strigoi, dhampirs, Moroi, the witch, and ordinary people. Although dhampirs look almost like humans they are recognized with ease by Strigoi via Enhanced Vision and Enhanced Smell.
  • Supernatural Beauty - Similarly to Moroi, Strigoi are attractive by human standards. It is unclear whether this applies to human-turned Strigoi, 
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