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The Adventure begins here

The Adventure begins here

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This tiny, foggy, thick forest is ancient. It is home to many different plants and many common species of animals. There are many races that call this natural part of the world home, humans are not among them. The ground between the trees is clear, fruit trees and edible plants are well hidden, and safe drinking water can be found here. The Waterfalls are breath taking to behold. This forest is notable for its very large trees.

Red, coily hair gently hangs over a chiseled, friendly face. Bright brown eyes, smile among the shaggy hair and mustache and beard, he is a sentinal, he watches warmly over the country they've they have loved for so long. Freckles are spread charmingly around his cheeks and leaves a pleasant memory of his upbringing. This is the face of Cade Davey, a true adventurer among dwarves. He stands towering above others, despite his thin frame.

There's something enigmatic about him, perhaps it's a feeling of sadness or perhaps it's simply his sensitivity. But nonetheless, people tend to assist him, while commenting on his deeds. He is a true noble soul. 

Personality Type: ESFJ - The Provider
(Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging)
Friendliness: Welcoming
Honesty: Loyal
Assertiveness: People-oriented
Confidence / Ego: Pretentious
Agreeableness: A joker
Manners: Average mannered
Discipline: Persistent
Rebelliousness: Conservative
Emotional capacity: Emotionally aware
Intelligence: Knowledgeable
Positivity: interestingly optimistic
Activeness / Lifestyle: Pro-active
Current emotional state: confident 

Interests include 

Board Games (Examples: Chess, Tables/Backgammon, Nine Men’s Morris)
Story telling
Song writing

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