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The bounty hunter

The bounty hunter

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Egos Runlithmae is a 268 year old male wood elf bounty hunter. He has short, wavy, dyed blue hair and brown eyes. He has rough silver skin. He stands 154cm (5'0") tall and has an athletic build. He has an extremely kind, yet hard face. He has a light lisp. 

He proudly worships Lamdria, God of water, purification, wetness. (True Neutral)  He is a pacifist. He is very slow to trust other people. He sees fighting as a solution to any problem. He has a beautiful singing voice. He is very sexy but sex is not something he shares with just anyone.  

This mountain range is 7,531 miles long and reaches 9,060 feet at its highest point. Most of the lower range is covered in a low density jungle. The region frequently experiences clear weather. Volcanic gas vents can be found within the range.

Personality Type: Positive
Friendliness: Good
Honesty: Faithful
Assertiveness: Forceful
Confidence / Ego: Egocentric
Agreeableness: Entertaining
Manners: Well mannered
Discipline: Stable
Rebelliousness: Non-traditional
Emotional capacity: Warm
Intelligence: Clever
Positivity: Optimistic
Activeness / Lifestyle: Athletic
Current emotional state: Disgusted

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